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I am… wishing to join you in meditation

a little raven portrait doodle (âœŋ◠â€ŋ◠)


Na-na-na-na Batman!

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Titans at weak states

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Just this past thursday, this was only at 158 signatures. And just within the last 24 hours It went from 196 to 238.
Real happy to be apart of this fandom.
But I wonder what MORE we can do? Is it possible we can attract NEW people to this fandom? Can we look outside of the FusionFall fandom and actually attract nostalgic Hanna Barbera fans that remember the Powerpuff girls, Johnny Bravo, Courage, and many others that would LOVE to see their favorite series come back, interacting with one another and return to their glory days of epicness?
How would we do it? Webcomic? Fanfiction? Webshow? Advertising?
Fanart? Videos? AMV’S?
How can we make this attractive enough for fans that dont even know what a “FusionFall” is to decide “Hey, I dont know what a FusionFall is………….but this idea sounds EPIC! IM IN!”
I was recently told by a member on Xtreme FusionFall <small>(A FusionFall Forum that’s desperately trying to hang in there)</small> that In order to REALLY get CN to think about reconsidering bringing the FusionFall franchise back was to get around 100,000 signers. Of course, according to their average viewer count, that would just compensate for just a small part of their total……..but it would be enough to get them thinking about it.
What I’ve been thinking:
Me personally, I like the idea of big name writers/fanfic writers adding their fanbase in on this. <small>(sorry ele. as astoundingly awesome as you are at yours, I think yours would terrify others that arent ready for it)</small> People like Bleedman that have alot of pull in the community could definitely benefit this cause. I think his fandom and Bleedman in general were never really into the whole idea of FusionFall. Not sure. Just guessing seeing as how when I hear general convo of FusionFall, Bleedman’s name or his comics never really come up. So I assume he likes to distance himself from the fandom.
Anyways, me closing up on my rattlings…….I think if there was some sort of VISUAL example of how awesome this concept could REALLY BE, maybe potential supporters could get in on this eagerly.
As far as me doing it, I’m still underconfident in my abilities to do poses right now or else I’d do it right now. Also, my own FusionFall story is 70% worked out. The general principle is finished, but finer details I need to continue to fill in. I dont want to rush something out for the sake of wrangling people into the fandom and it ends up bad and chock-full of plot holes.
This was just something I thought about that maybe people here on tumblr would turn into something amazing and awesome. I’ll continue working on my end to think of new ways to attract new fans.
Tumblr on,

Ya forgot to add the link!

The roleplaying fandom brought a lot of people to getting interested.I guess it depends on us to spread FusionFall.Well, time to get working.


Starfire by Rose McClain


間æŽĨįš„おč‰ē気があるようおįĩĩが描けるようãŦãŠã‚ŠãŸã„ã€‚æ™‚ã€…ã€č‡Šåˆ†ãŒæ°—ã‚’ãĪけãĶ描いたå ī所ãŦ気がãĪいãĶくれたりした時ãŊ厉しい。

s1, episode 2 - sisters